Watercolor Painting Starting Kit

This is my recommended watercolor painting starting kit for my students. It may not suit everyone so please check with your teacher for his or her requirements. Paper Arches Rough, 300gsm, one full sheet 56cm x 76cm, cut into quarters.┬á Do not skimp on paper, poor quality paper will make it impossible to do good Continue Reading …╗

Watercolor and Gum Arabic

Painting With Watercolor

The thought of painting with watercolor often sparks fear in the eye of new artists. Too often they have been told by others, who probably have not been well taught themselves, that painting with watercolor is extremely difficult and should not be tackled by an inexperienced artist. ┬áThis just is not the case, anyone who Continue Reading …╗

How to Paint Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor Painting Progression Chart

A watercolor painting usually progresses in the following manner: Large shapes to small shapes Wet on wet to wet on dry (could also be read as from soft edges to hard edges) Light tones (more water in a mix) to dark tones (less water in a mix) Cool colors (distance) to warm colours (closer to Continue Reading …╗