Here are the watercolor painting demonstrations you will find on this site.

Some of these watercolor painting demonstrations are suitable for beginner watercolor artists while others are for those with more experience. As long as you approach them with the right learning attitude they should all be of some use to anyone wanting to improve their watercolor painting skills.


Yellow Chrysanthemums in a red pot

White Iris watercolor painting demonstration

Pink Magnolias in pen, ink and wash ( on my website)


Early morning light over Pughs Lagoon, plein air

Light over old shearing shed

Freeman’s Reach, River Scene

Farmland and Eucalyptus Trees

How to Paint Gum Trees (Eucaluptus Trees)

Fog and Mist Scene, Mt Hotham, Victoria

Painting a river reflections scene with lots of trees and shrubs

Painting a mountain green valley vista with watercolor.


Beach scene with atmospheric sunset and reflections with figures

Rising Mist. San Diego Harbor

Surf Beach, Bateman’s Bay, NSW

Shoal Bay Sunset

Sand Dunes, Fingal Bay, Port Stephens, NSW


Wet street scene

Bridge Road, Richmond, Victoria


Narrow Venice Canal

Venice Sunset


Simple beach scene. Painting skies, clouds, rocks, the sea, sand, people and birds.

Simple watercolor painting of boats and water. Painting row boats, sail boats, birds and sparkle on the sea.

Easy watercolor painting using salt. Using simple watercolor washes and salt to create an interesting watercolor painting.

I hope you find the above watercolor demonstrations of use with your own watercolor paintings.