Freeman’s Reach Watercolor Painting Demonstration

Reference photo for watercolor painting demonstration

This watercolor painting demonstration is based on a local landmark. I found this spot by accident one day when driving around Freeman’s Reach, looking for inspiration to for a watercolor painting.

I later discovered that the location was also the site of one of Arthur Streeton’s paintings (“The purple noon’s transparent might” 1896) – I could empathise which his selection. I loved the feel of space, isolation and peacefulness of the location, which I have tried to capture in my watercolor painting.

From Streeton Lookout Freemans Reach reference photo for watercolor painting demonstration. Looking towards Blue Mountains and Richmond.

From Streeton Lookout Freemans Reach reference photo

The drawing

A simple preliminary sketch was done. Very little detail was included, just the key placement of the horizon, river line and a building or two. By doing this one avoids having a paint by numbers look to ones work and will let you take advantage of watercolours natural bent to do its own thing!

I do not usually pre-stretch my paper for a painting of this size, though in this case I already had some pre-stretched on gator board when the urge to do this painting took me, so I used it.

Initial drawing for Freeman's Reach watercolor landscape demonstration

Initial drawing for Freeman’s Reach watercolor landscape demonstration

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