Watercolor Painting Techniques and Demonstrations


I have been painting and teaching watercolor for over 25 years. I use this experience to create a large variety of tutorial videos and articles, to assist both beginner artists and those that want to take their work to a new level. My aim is to make watercolor painting as fun and understandable as possible.

The main resources I focus on developing are my Patreon Membership and my YouTube Channel.

 “Painting With Watercolors” is a resource for my students and other watercolor artists interested in furthering their skills and art career. Articles include, my blogwatercolor painting demonstrationstips and techniques, as well as advice on the business of art and selling paintings.

Examples of my watercolor art can be seen in the Gallery. My artwork covers a wide range of topics – landscapes, seascapes, river scenes, Venice, people and wildlife, flowers, street scenes, as well as pen and wash.  I do not feel inclined to specialize in any one category as almost any subject can make an interesting work of art.

The longer I paint with this wonderful medium the more I discover how versatile watercolor painting can be. In the beginning you start by following certain “rules” but in time you realize there are really no rules. The comments I make on this site are based on my own style of watercolor painting and if you do not agree with something I say then that is quite OK. The important thing is to get out your watercolor materials and produce some paintings!

Watercolor painting has given me a great deal of pleasure over the years, and I hope my demonstrations and watercolor articles on this website help you enjoy “Painting With Watercolors” as well!



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