Cheap Light Box for Artist’s Use

Cheap light boxTape tracing paper onto window

How to make a cheap light box About six years ago I was given a great tip for transferring drawings you do on tracing paper or light weight paper such as Bank. This cheap light box is very cheap – in fact it is so inexpensive it is free! After to you complete your sketch, Continue Reading …»

How to Price Paintings or Artwork for Sale

Towards St Marks Plaza Venice watercolor painting

OK, so now we have collected all this information about our painting, where it will hopefully be sold and how it is to be promoted (usually along with a lot of other competing works). So what price do we set for our artwork for sale? I have heard advice like you take the cost of Continue Reading …»

How to Promote Your Artwork

Promotion as it applies to the sale of watercolor paintings How to promote your artwork is very important. The more people that know about it the more likely you will find a customer for it. When you first start out to sell paintings, you don’t often have much of a promotion budget if any.  However Continue Reading …»

Where to sell your artwork: Location is important

Where to sell your artwork Where to sell paintings, is also an important question. You can sell them from your studio or home, through a gallery, at an exhibition; you could also sell them on-line, either through your own web site or another on line gallery site. Hey even eBay (though I don’t expect very Continue Reading …»

Watercolor Paintings: An Artist’s Products

Product as it applies to Watercolor Paintings Product refers to your painting or work of art. Some typical questions are how big is it, what medium is it painted in, is it original artwork or is it a print, the subject matter, how good is the framing, is it framed or unframed, the materials you Continue Reading …»