Free watercolor course

This free watercolor course is based on one I ran online with Zoom. I have decided to post it all on YouTube and will be a prerequisite for any new students who want to join my advanced classes – subject to availability. You can find all my videos, including the ones listed below on my YouTube Channel.

Here is a list of the videos, which you can see on YouTube. I have also provided a brief outline of each one.

Free watercolor course

Watercolor class 1 – Materials

This video covers the watercolor painting materials you will need for this course.

When people first decide to learn to paint with watercolors, they are often put off by the initial set up cost, if they buy the correct materials. These materials include artists quality watercolor paint (not student grade), good quality brushes, and paper. Poor paints, brushes, and paper, are often the first handicap an new student has to overcome. For this reason, the first dozen or so videos only require two brushes and three tubes of paint. Also all the paintings are done on smaller sheets of paper approximately 11″ x 7.5″ – this is what we call an eigth sheet. Later on additional brushes and paints will be required – and the size of the paintings we do will be quarter sheet.

This is the first video in my free watercolor course covering the materials.

Watercolor class 2 – Brush techniques

I cover techniques which show how to create different marks with a round watercolor brush. From soft wet-on-wet, to wet-on-dry, and various dry brush techniques.

These marks make up part of the language of watercolor. If you do not know how to successfully use a round watercolor brush you will find it very difficult to create all the wonderful effects watercolor is famous for.

In this episode I show you how to create various marks with a round watercolor brush.

Watercolor class 3 – Simple seascape

In this episode I paint a simple seascape using limited colors.

This subject uses all the brush techniques studied in episode 2 of this series. The seascape includes a dramatic sky, figures, the ocean, and rocks and waves. The next video will look at color mixing, tones, and creating a color wheel you can use as a reference for the remainder of this course.

A simple seascape with limited colors.

Free watercolor class 4 – Tones

Knowing how to produce different watercolor tones is vital. It is the most important method to add depth to a watercolor painting.

This is the forth episode in my beginner watercolor course. In this episode I show you how to handle water to create various paint consistencies. This results in different tones. Tones are the dark or light components of a color. The next episode in this series will look at all the different colors you can produce with just the three we are using. The result will be a color wheel you can use with future paintings.

How to create different tones of watercolor paint

Watercolor class 5 – Color mixing

Covers color mixing with watercolors for my beginner watercolor class series. We produce a color wheel starting with just the three colors that are used throughout this course. This color wheel is very useful as a reference when producing the watercolor paintings during this course.

Learn about color mixing and create a color wheel.

Watercolor class 6 – Clouds and skies

This is episode six of my beginner watercolor artist series.

These videos are designed to give new students to this medium the basic skills needed to progress their watercolor painting. In this episode we will cover four different skies with detailed step by step instructions. Each easy watercolor painting is then turned into a simple little landscape.

The paintings included are:

1. How to paint white fluffy clouds quickly.

2. Painting a sunset with watercolor.

3. A sunset with dark skies.

4. How to paint wispy clouds in a blue sky. Other topics I talk about are, darkand light tones, birds and mixing colors.

Learn to paint different skies

Watercolor class 7 – Boats and water

Episode seven in my watercolor beginner series.

In this video I cover:

1. How to draw simple boats.

2. Perspective and boats.

3. Painting boats in watercolor.

4. How to paint water.

5. How to paint light sparkle on water.

The paints I used in this painting are all made by Winsor and Newton and are artists quality. The colors are Winsor Blue (Red Shade), Permanent Rose, and Winsor Lemon. The paper is Arches Cold Pressed, 185 gsm.

Beginner watercolor class 7 – boats and water

Watercolor class 8 – Painting sunsets and trees

This is the eigth episode in my beginner watercolor series.

This video covers how to paint clean graded watercolor washes and how to paint trees and shrubs in silhouette. Paper and brush handling, composition, and design are also covered in parts.

How to paint a lovely sunset and silhouetted trees.

Free watercolor class 9 – Wet-on-wet

The 9th video in my beginner watercolor series.

This episode covers the wet-on-wet technique, how to do it, and what to keep in mind to produce the effects you want as a watercolor artist. We will be painting a very furry baby panda, a good subject for learning how to create great wet-on-wet watercolor paintings.

Wet-on-wet watercolor painting technique.

Watercolor class 10 – Simple landscape painting of an old farm

Video 10 in my beginner watercolor painting series.

In this episode I cover the following:

How to paint trees and foliage. Mixing greens with watercolor paint. Drawing and painting simiple buildings. How to paint rust on roofs. How to hold your brush. Drawing simple, small cows. Warm and cool colors.

Simple watercolor landscape painting of an old farm. Free watercolor course.

Watercolor class 11 – Complementary color mixing

Here I cover the following:

Paint consistency. Color mixing. Mixing complementary colors. The difference between secondary and tertiary colors. This is a great exercise to learn all about mixing teriary colors by adding secondary colors together. How to grey off colors to add depth to your painting.

How to mix complementary watercolors to create greys.

Watercolor class 12 – right paint mix, at the right time, with the right brush

In this episode we paint a lovely sunset over a lagoon scene. I focus on teaching you how to mix the right consistency paint, to place at the right place, with the right brush, on paper which is at the right wetness. Well, I get you on your journey at least.

In this episode we paint a lovely sunset over a lagoon scene.

Free Watercolor Beginner Classes

I am producing a series of free watercolor beginner classes on YouTube. These videos cover the subjects, exercises, and paintings I normally do with my new inexperienced students. The course is desinged for anyone from absolute beginner to someone who has been struggling with watercolor painting. Once they get through these sections they are able to join in with my more advanced class.

Video 1: Watercolor painting materials

The first in the series, which I expect to run for about 10 weeks, covers the needed materials. I have kept ths to a minimum so if someone is not sure they will continue with the medium, and I hope they do, they will not be too much out of pocket.

I aim to make watercolor painting as easy to understand as possible so everyone can benefit from this wonderful medium.

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Watercolor painting demonstration of Skies and Reflections

Watercolor painting demonstration of skies and water. This is a free, full demonstration. Available on YouTube

Watercolor painting of skies and reflections – Port Stephens, NSW, Australia

My latest watercolor painting demonstration on YouTube covers the subject of skies and their reflections. It is based on a demonstration I did for the Macquarie Towns Art Society in Australia.

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Watercolor demonstration Waves, Sand, and Reflections – Part one

Watercolor painting video demonstration of skies and reflections. Full video is available for free on YouTube.

Watercolor painting by Joe Cartwright. Having fun with mum on the beach.

It has been a little over a year since I started teaching watercolour painting online. The move, which replaced my face-to-face classes, was forced upon me because of Covid but has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I now have students from all around the world who I also count as my friends.

One of the very first paintings I did with my students was this one of two children and their mother having fun on the beach. I think most of us can relate to a time when we had fun building sandcastles on the beach with no other care in the world than when the tide would come back in the reclaim our creation.

It was one of my most popular works and I have decided to make it available on YouTube for anyone that would like to have a go at it.

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Muddy watercolors

There is a lot of confusion about what are muddy watercolors and how not to create them.

Firstly muddy watercolors are not the color of mud. Some of the most beautiful watercolors I have seen have been in browns and greys, commonly associated with mud.

Muddy watercolors are dull and lifeless, without the translucence we normaly associate with a good watercolor.

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