Watercolor painting demonstration of Skies and Reflections

Watercolor painting demonstration of skies and water. This is a free, full demonstration. Available on YouTube

Watercolor painting of skies and reflections – Port Stephens, NSW, Australia

My latest watercolor painting demonstration on YouTube covers the subject of skies and their reflections. It is based on a demonstration I did for the Macquarie Towns Art Society in Australia.

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Watercolor demonstration Waves, Sand, and Reflections – Part one

Watercolor painting video demonstration of skies and reflections. Full video is available for free on YouTube.

Watercolor painting by Joe Cartwright. Having fun with mum on the beach.

It has been a little over a year since I started teaching watercolour painting online. The move, which replaced my face-to-face classes, was forced upon me because of Covid but has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I now have students from all around the world who I also count as my friends.

One of the very first paintings I did with my students was this one of two children and their mother having fun on the beach. I think most of us can relate to a time when we had fun building sandcastles on the beach with no other care in the world than when the tide would come back in the reclaim our creation.

It was one of my most popular works and I have decided to make it available on YouTube for anyone that would like to have a go at it.

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Muddy watercolors

There is a lot of confusion about what are muddy watercolors and how not to create them.

Firstly muddy watercolors are not the color of mud. Some of the most beautiful watercolors I have seen have been in browns and greys, commonly associated with mud.

Muddy watercolors are dull and lifeless, without the translucence we normaly associate with a good watercolor.

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How to stretch watercolor paper

What does it mean to stretch watercolor paper? Why and how would you do it?

The main reason people stretch their watercolor paper, is because when it gets wet, as you paint, it expands creating cockles or wrinkles. These can make painting difficult for some people. By stretching your paper, the cockles are greatly reduced or removed completely. Whether or not you stretch your paper depends a lot on your skill level. Also, the type of painting you are doing may determine whether to stretch or not. Continue reading “How to stretch watercolor paper”

San Giorgio Dei Greci free video watercolor demonstration

A few years ago I produced a video watercolor painting demonstration of a Venetian canal scene.

In the spirit of Christmas I have now decided to make it free, which you can see in its entirety on YouTube. I hope you find it of benefit in your watercolor journey. Continue reading “San Giorgio Dei Greci free video watercolor demonstration”