Watercolor Painting Tips

Below is a list of watercolor painting tips articles I have written, they give information I have found useful over the years.  In some the watercolor painting tips covered can often apply just as much to oil painting, pastels and acrylic painting. Also included are articles on the business of art and how to sell your artwork.

Watercolor Painting Tips

Watercolor painting and the importance of water

How to make a light weight plein air watercolor painting easel

Watercolor painting – Common watercolor mistakes

How to remove wrinkles or cockles from watercolor paper after your painting has dried.

Watercolor painting for beginners

Plein air painting with watercolor. How to article of dos and don’ts of painting outdoors with watercolors

How to tackle a watercolor workshop

Importance of water

Painting with watercolor

Watercolor painting steps

Painting a flat wash

Basic watercolor painting kit for my students

Palette, Paints and Brushes

Simple Desktop Watercolor Easel

Painting shadows and reflections

Benefits of having your own artist’s website 

Creating your own online portfolio website 

How to Price and Sell paintings

Cheap artist’s light box (its free)

Painting small figures

Painting birds on wet sand and in sky

How to paint water

How to choose the correct watercolor paper for your painting 

How to fix problems with a watercolor painting. Repairing a failed painting.

Buying watercolor brushes

How to mix watercolors to achieve bright or dull colors at will

How to use masking fluid with your watercolor paintings

Plein air painting with pen, ink, and watercolor while on an organised tourist tour of Central Australia.

Watercolor painting tips for painting plein air in cold weather