Watercolor Techniques

This section, contains information about watercolor techniques used in creating watercolor (watercolour) art.

Watercolor painting for beginners can be quite daunting but I have found that almost all difficulties artists’ find when painting with watercolor resolve by fixing basic techniques.

These watercolor techniques should be useful for both beginner watercolor artists and more experienced artists who would like to brush up on their watercolor painting basics and hence improve their artwork.

The material that will appear in this section over the coming weeks is what I teach my students during their first six to eight weeks of learning how to paint with watercolors.

 Watercolor techniques

Watercolor painting and the importance of using enough water

Most important ingredients for watercolor

How to fix your watercolor painting

Watercolor Edges, their importance

Wet on Wet or Wet in Wet Watercolor Techniques

Controlled wet on wet or wet in wet watercolor techniques

Wet on dry technique

Dry brush or broken edge watercolor technique

Modified dry brush or broken edge watercolor technique 

Watercolor Flat Wash

Watercolor painting technique: watercolor paint wetness

Simple watercolor painting for beginners. A beach scene painting with just two watercolors. Step by step guide covering basic topics such as paintings skies and clouds, sand, the sea, people and birds.

How to paint water. Advice on how to paint water by ensuring you concentrate on  creating reflections, transparency and  fluidity.

How to create the impression of fog and mist. This demonstration of an Australian alpine scene covers the topic of how to paint mist and fog with watercolor paint.

Simple watercolor painting of boats and water. Painting row boats, sail boats, birds and sparkle on the sea.

Dry Brush Technique for watercolor painting. Describes how to create different dry brush effects as we as discusses their importance in a painting.

Pen, Ink, and Wash video demonstration. Available as free sped up version on YouTube or as a paid download – 45 min video.