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About Joe

Owner and adminstration of the Painting With Watercolors website and forum. I am a professional watercolor artist, though I also use other mediums including pen and ink. I also enjoy playing with computers and the internet so this website is a bit of a hobby of mine.

Watercolor workshops how to tackle one: part 3

Workshop materials Every now and then you will be sent out a workshop required materials list only to discover when you get there that it is very out of date to what the tutor is currently using.  This happens when a tutor has been with the same organization for many years and has forgotten to Continue Reading …

Watercolor workshops how to tackle one: part 2

When you get to your workshop try to find out where in the room your tutor will be working and try to get a location as close to him as possible. At one workshop I spent so much time chatting with old friends that by the time I set up my gear I ended up Continue Reading …

Watercolor workshops how to tackle one

Attending watercolor workshops can be a lot of fun and also very positive for your watercolor painting development.  However sometimes people don’t get as much out of a workshop as they would could or would like. I have attended quite a number of workshops mostly for watercolor but also for different media and I also Continue Reading …

Watercolor Painting Starting Kit

This is my recommended watercolor painting starting kit for my students. It may not suit everyone so please check with your teacher for his or her requirements. Paper Arches Rough, 300gsm, one full sheet 56cm x 76cm, cut into quarters.  Do not skimp on paper, poor quality paper will make it impossible to do good Continue Reading …

Watercolor and Gum Arabic

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