Painting the River and Reflections

Painting the river and reflections

The right hand distant hills came next in stronger tones of Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson.

The river followed this, which was painted in a slightly stronger tone of the sky colour. This too was strengthened in tone and colour as the river moved towards the bottom of the sheet. While this was wet the reflections were dropped in. The reflections were warmer and more distinct towards the foreground and bluer and less distinct in the distance. Some form was added to the bank with varying colour and tones. Some highlights were scratched into the water line.

I also lifted some pigment from the very distant hills to enhance the feeling of space. This was done by wetting the area and then blotting with a tissue.

Painting the river and reflections with watercolor
Painting the river and reflections with watercolor

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