Freemans Reach Painting The Middle Ground

Painting the middle ground area of our watercolor painting

Some trees were dropped in with Raw Umber and Ultramarine Blue into the wet hills and I continued these down the left bank of the river. I made sure to add form with shadows and some thicker paint to make the trees look real. As I moved closer to the foreground I used more Raw Umber and less Ultramarine Blue as well as increasing their size and detail to bring the trees forward in perspective. When I painted the trees I started by using the side my brush, without too much moisture, and quickly moved it in a random fashion over the tops of my paper to give me a range of varied edges. I left lots of spaces, between the leaf masses, to give the tree and natural shape.

Painting middle ground of watercolor landscape painting. Painting trees and river's edge.
Painting middle ground of watercolor landscape painting