How to paint shadows with watercolor

Reflections of Buildings and Boats

How to Paint Shadows Cast shadows are away from the sun. So to see where to place them in your painting you must first look at where the light is shining from. The shadow will be opposite the direction of the sunlight. There is no great secret with how to paint shadows. If you are Continue Reading …»

Painting Reflections and Shadows

Painting reflections of Clouds

Painting reflections and shadows with watercolor Some of my beginner watercolor painting students often get confused when painting reflections and shadows. As they follow quite different rules it is best to have each clear in your mind before you start painting. For the purposes of this article, cast shadows, are shadows formed by objects which Continue Reading …»

Watercolor Painting Exhibition: Tate Britain Gallery London

Tate Britain Gallery I am currently visiting the UK and Ireland on a holiday and have just been to see theĀ Watercolour Exhibition at the Tate Britain Gallery in London. What a wonderful exhibition. It covers the history of watercolor in GreatĀ Britain andĀ treats such topics as: History of watercolor paints and pigments including GumĀ ArabicĀ and other binders Continue Reading …»

Watercolor Painting:Venice Canal Demonstration

Venice Canal reference photo for watercolor painting

I have just posted my latest watercolor painting demonstration. It is a painting of a narrow Venice Canal. I love traveling to Venice and even though I have only been there twice now. The last time for about 12 days, I know I will be going back their again. There is something about the place Continue Reading …»

Watercolor Brushes and Paint for Beginners

Mixing a Blue, Red and Yellow will give you a dull grey to black color depending on proportions of each color mixed

Watercolor Brushes Brushes used when painting with watercolor come in many forms and quality levels. Some of the most common types are: Round Brushes Flat Brushes Mop Brushes Fan Brushes Rigger Brushes I use round brushes for 95% of my work, but also use all the others as I need them. For beginners Round Brushes Continue Reading …»

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