Watercolor Painting of middle distance trees shrubs

Painting the middle distance trees and shrubs

After making sure that the previous stage is completely dry I can work on the middle distance trees.

Watercolor painting rain fog and mist middle distance trees

Watercolor painting of middle distance trees in rain fog and mist

I paint the trunks of the middle distance trees with French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna, with a little Cobalt Blue and more water for the lighter ones that are further away.

While the trunks are still wet I paint in the tree foliage using the side of my number 12 brush. I use a weaker mix (more water) for the foliage that is further away and the I add more pigment (thicker mix – less water) for the foliage that is closer to the foreground. The watercolor paints I used for the foliage are French Ultramarine and Raw Umber with more Raw Umber used for the closer trees.

I added a little Cobalt Turquoise and Aureolin to the foliage mixture and used this to paint the shrubs on the tops of the green hillsides.

Before the trunks dry I drop in additional watercolor paint to darken any I would like to bring forward or lift paint (with a barely damp brush) for any I would like to recede.

I let this dry completely!

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