Painting Sand Dunes with watercolor Step 3

Mixing greens to paint shrubs and trees on sand dunes

Now, create three mixes of green, each with different amounts of water and Cobalt Turquoise, Aureolin, Raw Umber and French Ultramarine (don’t use too much Cobalt Turquoise or you will create a very bluish-green). You should have a bright light green, a mid tone green with a thicker consistency and a dark green with an even thicker consistency again. With these three mixes prepared, use the side of a size 8 or 10 round brush to paint in the foliage along the top of the sand dunes. Add a touch of Burnt Siena to the darkest mix along with some more water to thin it out and with this paint two trees at the very top which are behind the shrubs in the front.

Painting trees and shrubs on sand dunes

Painting trees and shrubs on sand dunes

By using the side of the brush, the point should not touch the paper, you can use the texture of your paper to help you paint a realistic impression of the foliage forms.

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