Iris Watercolor Demonstration 5

After you finish all form work on petals, remove masking (after painting it totally dry) of stamens.

Now paint in needed shadows in this (stamen) area and adjust the hard edges left by the removal of the masking fluid so this central region of the painting looks natural. I do this by painting a shadow side to each stamen to make them look more real. Because these are quite small shapes there is no need to soften the edges with a stiff bristle brush which I would do with larger shapes.

Finishing your watercolor painting

White Iris finshed watercolor flower painting
White Iris finshed watercolor flower painting

Adjust form tones as needed to finalise your painting. In this case I strengthened the shadow on the large bottom left petal.

Your painting is finished. I hope you learnt something from doing this exercise.

Should you have any questions about this demonstration or watercolor painting in general please let me know through my Contact page.

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