Finishing watercolor painting of Venetian sunset scene

Completing our Venetian watercolor painting

All that is needed now to finish this watercolor painting are the lights and the ever present pigeons.

The lights are painted with French Ultramarine and Alizarin Crimson, leaning a little to the red as the light poles are slightly reddish. Make sure that the poles are lighter in tone as they move away. Once the poles are painted in, run a little very weak Alizarin Crimson over the white area of the lights themselves as the glass of these lamps is tinted pink.

Finish the painting off by placing some of Venice’s ubiquitous pigeons in the sky.  Don’t just place them anywhere however. They should be placed so as to draw the eye to the focal point. Also make sure the shape and sizes of the pigeons are varied to create and interesting pattern, not a boring repetitive one.

Venice Sunset lights completed watercolor painting
Figure 12: Finished watercolor painting, Venice Sunset

Sign your painting and you are done.

Should you have any questions about this demonstration or watercolor painting in general please let me know through my Contact page.