My three year project to write a book to assist artists with their watercolor painting is now complete. Both a paperback and eBook version are available from Amazon.

Watercolor is a magical and often challenging medium. However, once mastered, it will reward you with  the pleasure of creating striking works of art of infinite variety.

I have been painting with watercolors for over 18 years and have been teaching for more than ten. I love the challenge of watercolor painting, and especially enjoy finding simple ways to explain and teach this wonderful medium.

Through this book, I set out to clear up widespread misconceptions about painting with watercolors. These common confusions hold watercolor artists back from achieving their full potential. I have tried to fill it with practical advice and techniques. My aim was to simplify watercolor painting to assist you in your personal watercolor adventure – so you could enjoy the journey!

Here are some of the topics covered in the book:

  • Key points that will move your work to a new level
  • Watercolor basics
  • How to fix watercolor paintings
  • Step by step demonstrations
  • Understanding the importance of water and time when painting with watercolors
  • Solutions to watercolor painting problems
  • Reflections and shadows explained
  • How to paint outdoors with watercolors
  • Perspective for landscape and urban street scenes
  • How to paint water scenes
  • What are tones and how to see them
  • Selling your artwork

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