Watercolor painting video – Venetian Canal

I have just completed my first watercolor painting video that is available through Vimeo. I intend to create a number of these videos in the future. This first one is of me demonstrating how to paint a Venetian canal scene. This is typical Venice with a bridge and a leaning bell tower. The tower belongs to the church of  San Giorgio Die Greci near St Marks Plaza.

A copy of the reference image I used for this demonstration is given at the bottom of this article.

Venetian canal watercolor painting by Joe Cartwright

Venetian canal watercolor painting by Joe Cartwright

Who is this watercolor painting video for?

People who do not have access, or the time, to attend regular watercolor painting classes. It should also be of interest to anyone who would like to learn my technique.

The videos are produced in a similar way to how I break down my weekly watercolor classes. In fact a lot of the videos I will be producing will be based on the work I do with my students.

While painting I comment about my process, along with key points to note while producing a watercolor painting. Each video will be filled with handy tips about my technique and painting with watercolors in general.

My watercolor painting videos will allow people to study my watercolor painting techniques in their own time and pace.

Each painting is broken down into logical steps at which it is possible to take a break from your work.

Key water colors used at each stage are given along with the reference image used for the painting.

Over time I hope to build a large library of videos on various watercolor painting subjects.

This watercolor painting video demonstration (50 minutes) is available as a paid download on Vimeo. It costs $2.99 for you to be able to rent it to view as often as you like for 7 days or $5.99 for you to download a copy you can keep forever. All prices are in U.S. Dollars. This video can be found here: Rent or Buy this watercolor painting video demonstration of a Venice Canal scene or by clicking on the poster image below.

Watercolor painting video demonstration of a Venetian Canal by Joe Cartwright

Should you have any questions or comments about my demonstrations please let me know.

Reference photo used for watercolor video demonstration

Venice Leaning Bell Tower of San Giorgio Dei Greci reference photo for watercolor painting video

Reference photo for watercolor painting video

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