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How to paint shadows and reflections in your watercolor paintings.

Watercolor painting of shed with strong shadows

Watercolor painting old shed in the morning with strong shadows

This watercolor painting of a shed with strong morning shadows was a painting I had my students do recently. The reason I selected this for the class painting was because it gave my students a chance to practice how to capture the early morning light and the shadows that result from it. It was based Continue Reading …

Controlled Wet on Wet Technique

Waterline of Boat painted with controlled wet on wet technique

Controlled Wet on Wet Technique As the paper dries, during the wet on wet technique, it will arrive at a point where it has lost its shine, now if at this stage you run the point of your brush across this damp section of paper you will see an interesting effect as shown in figure Continue Reading …

Color of shadows and reflections

Reflected color in shadows. Many colors of reflected light on sand

Color of shadows and reflections Another major difference between the color of shadows and reflections is that a reflection usually contains a lot of color, mainly coming from the object that is being reflected e.g. the side of a boat. This reflected color will be influenced by the color of the water doing the reflecting. Continue Reading …

Watercolor painting of shadows and reflections continued

Shadows and reflections in same direction if the light is towards the viewer

More about painting shadows and reflections When looking at shadows and reflections one is usually more dominant than the other. On wet sand the reflection can dominate. On dry sand there is no reflection just shadow. In figure 6 below, see how the shadow is not very distinct, this is because it is on the Continue Reading …

How to paint shadows with watercolor

Reflections of Buildings and Boats

How to Paint Shadows Cast shadows are away from the sun. So to see where to place them in your painting you must first look at where the light is shining from. The shadow will be opposite the direction of the sunlight. There is no great secret with how to paint shadows. If you are Continue Reading …