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Problems encountered when painting with watercolors.

How to use photos for painting

Watercolor painting Coffs Harbour Sunset, by Joe Cartwright

Most artists use photos for painting at some point in their career. For some, they are the only reference they use, while for others they are rarely used. If you are going to be working from photos, there are a few things you need to be aware of if you want your artworks to succeed. Distortion in a Continue Reading …

Watercolor Painting Mistakes

Rusty old truck avoiding common watercolor painting mistakes

Here are the common watercolor painting  mistakes a beginner watercolor artist often makes that would cause him, or her, to feel the medium is difficult. I remember when I first started it was all a bit of a challenge, but because I was challenge driven I had no problem continuing on to a good level Continue Reading …

When a watercolor painting is not fixable

Red Waratah flower watercolor painting

When a watercolor painting just can’t be salvaged Well this does happen and not just to beginners, experts also create work that just doesn’t come together.  In fact I believe you have to be prepared to make such paintings from time to time if you want your art to progress. You have to be prepared Continue Reading …

Muddy watercolor paintings and problems with design

Red Waratahs with green background watercolor painting

Small area of muddy watercolor If your watercolor painting is largely made up of clean watercolor washes but maybe 5% is overworked and muddy looking I often just let it go as it will not alter the overall look of your painting. This is not a hard and fast rule however.  Sometimes a little muddy Continue Reading …

Fixing problems with shape and tone in a watercolor painting

Irises watercolor painting by Joe Cartwright. White and dark flowers

Mass of tree foliage too flat and uninteresting You have just painted a mass of tree foliage but have just discovered it looks like one big flat shape. If the paint is still wet just use your fingernail or the rounded edge of and old credit card and scrape in some branch shapes. This breaks Continue Reading …

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