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About Joe

Owner and adminstration of the Painting With Watercolors website and forum. I am a professional watercolor artist, though I also use other mediums including pen and ink. I also enjoy playing with computers and the internet so this website is a bit of a hobby of mine.

Watercolor problems: objects in wrong place

Church Street Melbourne Victoria watercolor painting. Tall steeple church, cars, strong shadows on road with lots of power lines.

Large splash of paint in unwanted area of your painting Watercolor problems often happen when one is moving a fully loaded watercolor paint brush over your painting surface. If you are not careful or are bumped you can drop a whole lot of paint where is it unwanted. It happened to me once for a Continue Reading …»

Removing stray watercolor droplets in your sky

Stray watercolor droplets in the sky Sometime when you are painting the odd tiny drop of watercolor paint will land on a light area of your painting like the sky. How can you fix this? One way is to very quickly touch it with the tip of a tissue. Don’t press on it or you Continue Reading …»

How to fix a watercolor painting

A watercolor painting can be fixed One often hears artists say that you cannot fix a watercolor painting once you have painted it or a section of it. This is not necessarily true, there are many things you can do to repair a painting or part of it. At worst there are things you can do Continue Reading …»

Watercolor Paper Selection

How to choose the best watercolor paper for your painting? You can’t just paint a watercolor painting on any type of paper. You need to use artists’ quality watercolor paper if you want to produce good work that will survive the test of time. Some cheap papers have little or no sizing on them which Continue Reading …»

How to paint water

Wet on wet internal reflections

How to paint water with watercolor paints? While this article on how to paint water relates to how to paint with watercolors specifically most of the information also applies to all other artist’s mediums. Whole books have been written on this subject so I shall only cover the key points here. Watercolors are perfect for Continue Reading …»

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